Retail shop during the high season:

Staple products and  food 

Fresh bread and pastry


Swimming Pool

12m x 6,5m

2ool depth: 1,40m

Children pool : 5 * 4m

There is also a very pleasant swimming pool, located at La Châtre, open to everyone.



New in 2021 : Washing machine and tumble dryer

Price: 5€/ for washing + drying


Seminar room:

Le Val Vert houses 1 dedicated seminar room; Capacity for hosting 25 people.

Overhead projector and screen

Catering: Please feel free to contact us to find out about our menus and choose the most suitable for your project.



Free and available at the campsite reception and in the restaurant


Children playground:

There is a children playground with a fixed wooden structure next to the restaurant


Mountain bike

A bike shed is available, as well as a washing point on the campsite. We hope that way that all bicycle fans find here the best conditions to cycle around the region and look after their equipment.