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Around us

In 2024 mark in your agenda :

Le son continu festival : from 10 to 14 of July 24

Nohant festival Chopin :

See : et

Come and discover:

Castle, museum and church visits close to La Châtre :

The George Sand house, "Jour de fête" Musem in Ste-Sévère , the Sarzay, or Bouges,   Valençay castles, the beautiful Romanesque churches (Châteaumeillant, Ardentes, Nohant-Vic), the Fontgombault abbay...the cultural heritage in the Berry allows visitors to expand their knowledge.



Potters, painters, sculptors, lute makers, stone cutters…visit them  discover their talents !



In addition to countryside, there is plenty of horticulture to admire. Berry has stunning gardens and greenery for everyone to enjoy.

Some of them : Drulon, d'Azay-le-Ferron, prieuré d'Orsan...


A lot of walks to discover the landscapes:

- In the Berry' villages and towns (La Châtre, Nohant, Gargilesse,...),


- In the countryside, thanks to the large number of nature trails , and also the GR 654: a Santiago de Compostela road, runs through the campsite

- The La Brenne regional park is also very near......



Whether horse-riding, or cycling, there are plenty of trails and paths that can be accessed from the campsit,


An 18-hole golf course,  treetop adventure,  bungee jumping,  kayaking,  bodies water, fishing...


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